Summer of Hope & Change | New York City

Summer of Hope & Change | New York City

New York City has been the epicentre of the Corona Virus and is now the epicentre of recovery. As Dan Doctoroff says “New York is a meeting place of the world. It is a place that thrives on openness. We need to re-establish confidence in the notion of density.” New York has been through a whole series of horrible events over the last 200 years, financial panics, 9/11 and riot wars. But we have always found a better way out. So as we open doors to a normal life style, let’s go places and let the healing powers of fresh air and sunshine radiating across the region help us get away from the past anxieties.

New York has been appeared to be one of the few places following CDC guidelines hence reporting significantly lower hospitalisation and death rates. So for now, you can still go places but not without wearing a mask and that’s probably a life-improving change anyway! Similarly, we at Sapphire has been making these changes too. Since the day we opened we’ve been providing with luxury transportation services to our clients satisfying their wide range of needs and that’s exactly what we plan to do.

We’ve taken this time to do our research and improve our services which work best in the interest of the public. We’ve made sure we and our staff masters hand hygiene and cough etiquettes. We are checking our staffs’ temperature before they walk in to work to ensure they’re feeling healthy. We’ve been disinfecting our rides before and after every entry and exist of a customer. Each equipment is wiped out properly to ensure maximum germ free results.

Chauffeurs are required to wash their hands thoroughly and use a sanitiser post washing. It is made sure on our part that the chauffeurs are taking proper prescribed steps while entering and exiting. Basic sanitisation services have also been provided at all our offices for customers as well as our employees. Masks and gloves have been made mandatory to anyone entering our vehicles or premises and a basic distance of six feet is also to be maintained. Even though we’ve reopened our services we’ve made it mandatory to limit the number of passengers and put distance between them as much as possible.

Don’t worry, and be glad to be phasing in fun and let those face mask tan lines not bother you. These ongoing efforts have been made to ensure people practice good habits and we all as a team beat this! Book our ride free from all the doldrums of this pandemic and let the experienced chauffeurs and staff at SAPPHIRE LIMOUSINE SERVICES take the charge of giving you an experience to be remembered.

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