Smart way to reach a party

Smart way to reach a party

Smart way to reach a party

Parties give people a chance to get together, socialize and have fun. If you’re going partying, plan ahead. It’s easier to make smart decisions before you’re in the thick of things, so make some decisions before you go and don’t wait until you get to the party to start the celebration. Book one of our luxury sprinter to take you and your friends to your party destination. This way you won’t have to wait to start the party when you get there, party can start prior to the event in our spacious sprinter. Here is why you won’t regret booking this fiesta ride.

Personal space
Although a subway can be convenient but let’s face it, travelling with so many unknown people can be a distress time and again. Also, in the midst of the COVID’19 crisis, it’s always better to avoid any public transport for the sake of hygiene. Other than that, travelling in your own personal space lets you to have all the fun before the party without anyone eyeing onto your actions. If you want classy, elegant, and charming photos to keep memories alive, it can easily be done. Having friends along with you in the car also adds to the fun before the real fun can begin.

Parking in New York is brutal. From circling the block over and over again to paying $80 for one hour, it’s a major headache. And when you do think you’ve finally found a spot you’d have to worry about walking 26 blocks from where you actually found a spot to the venue. We’ve got you covered here too as we would be dropping you off at the designated door and you can leave your belongings and the parking situation to our chauffer.

After crossing the street twice and running after three cabs, you finally list one down. Then you get inside your cab and the driver does not make you feel comfortable, but our professional certified chauffeurs for sure can. There can also be traffic going over the bridge and you’re stuck in a bumper to bumper traffic in a tiny cab with sometimes no AC working or uncomfortable seats. Our spacious ride with comfortable seats and equally professional chauffeurs will make sure to track down areas with less traffic so you’re always on time without any hassle and even if a time occurs where there’s traffic, at least you won’t have to worry about the cab driver being on the phone the entire time and uncomfortable tiny seats.

Personal driver
You and all your friends can enjoy the fun without having to flip a coin and seeing who will be driving them to the party. Sip some champagne without worrying about who will bring you home. You’ll have your own driver to take you wherever you want to go. Need to make a quick liquor run in the middle of the party? Forgot to get her flowers? Your driver will safely take you to your destination and wait for your return.

Say goodbye to ripped vinyl seats and hello to cushioned leather seats. With Sapphire Limousine services, drivers swiftly navigate the roads and maintain a strict level of professionalism. There’s surround sound speakers and plenty of good conversations to keep you occupied until the ride reaches your door. Dance the night away and bring your best moves without worrying about the minor details!

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