How to deal with delayed flights

How to deal with delayed flights

As gradually the world today is healing back into the normal, transportation that is mainly air travel has also resumed and we are here, to help you find the best solutions to the potential misfortune. Savvy air travelers know that,the occasional flight delay is inescapable.But what can one do if a flight is canceled altogether, or a delay causes you to miss a connecting departure?

First, of course, you want to look for another flight that will get you to your destination with minimum delay.  Airline representatives may help, if they are not overloaded by vast numbers of similarly affected travelers. But consider these alternatives:

1) Rather than waiting in the line at the counter, you might find it easy to phone the airline, explain the situation, and ask to be booked for an another flight.

2) If you have a good corporate travel department or travel agent, calling them can pay dividends.  Having a professional help on your side can be much easier , and less time consuming than trying to deal with the problem yourself.

3) Another option is to seek help online: if you are traveling with a laptop you can use wireless Internet to go to the airline’s website and book yourself onto another flight, or now you might do it from your smart phone with a 3G internet. This is one of the most suitable solution.
4)Moving forward to other opportunities if the airline you are booked on does not have a flight which suits us , then check is there another airline that does? Your carrier might be wanting to endorse your ticket, allowing it to be used on the other airline, though they are not required to do so. Also are you close enough to another airport to consider that as an alternative? And if the flight is a relatively short haul, a perfect solution is to book the services of ground transportation provider.

Planning ahead

There are a few precautions you can take to decrease the chances of a canceled flight, or to minimize its effects.

1) Fly early in the day. This lessens the likelihood of being caught up in the ‘ripple’ effect that flight delays can have on later flights. It also gives you more of a choice in alternative flights. If your flight is the last of the day and gets canceled, you are not going to have too many options.

2) Minimize connections. The fewer connections you have, the fewer opportunities there are for missing one.

3) Choose your connecting airport wisely. If you have a choice of routes, connecting through a smaller airport will make it easier to get quickly from your incoming flight to the departure gate. In winter, try to avoid flying via airports that are vulnerable to adverse weather such as snowstorms.

4) Allow plenty of time. Especially if you really, really need to be somewhere on time, give yourself as much time as you can, aiming to arrive early, rather than leaving it to the last minute. Choose connections that give you plenty of time to change planes in the event that your first-leg flight is delayed.

5) Don’t check baggage. If you are not traveling with checked baggage, you have more flexibility to change plans. Once you have checked a bag, it is very hard to get it back out of the system and it will make its own way to your stated destination, delays and all, no matter what quicker alternatives you find for your own travel.

Flight delays and cancellations will happen, and if you travel a lot , you will face them. Be aware of the options you have at your hand, and you will be better able to handle the challenges efficiently and with less stress and anxiety.

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