Go Green by SLS

Go Green by SLS
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As many researches has warned us that our planet is in grave need of our help, many business enterprises have found ways to improve their actions according to the state of the planet and have encouraged their employees to do the same.
When it comes to event planning,for many event planners, the panic and stress involved in executing the event itself is enough to make their heads spin. To ease some of the panic and stress involved with planning an environmentally-friendly corporate event, we’ve got you a list of simple ways to increase the “greenness” of your next event.

Find Green Venues

If you’re really committed to environmentally-friendly event planning practices, one of your first steps in planning a green event is to find a venue that has an mutual interest towards the cause.Whether it’s energy-saving practices, solar panels, bathrooms that cut down on waste or other helpful green policies, finding an inspiring venue that is also working towards helping the environment is a worthwhile endeavor.

Encourage Recycling among your guests

One of the easiest ways to get your event attendees involved in the green effort is to make recycling available to them and easy to accomplish. Setting up recycling receptacles throughout the venue area is an unchallenging way to encourage recycling without bothering your attendees’ from enjoying their night. If you can, place the same recycling receptacles in the bathrooms, as well, so no matter where your attendees go in the venue space, they have the opportunity to responsibly dispose of their trash.

Choose Environmentally Conscious Décor and Supplies

Another easy way to increase your event’s green rating is to purchase décor and supplies (like cutlery, plates, cups and serving dishes) that don’t add to the event’s amount of needless waste. If you can, stay away from disposables that can be easily recycled or composted. Serving dishes should be washable and reusable. Avoid plastics; stick to cardboard or paper products that make simple recycling. While we understand that you don’ want to decrease your guests’ enjoyment by serving them on cheap-looking dishes, if you advertise the environmentally-conscious effort, they’ll be more than happy to enjoy their hors d’oeuvres and munch from spiffy, recyclable plates and cups. There are, in reality,far more options for attractive recyclables than you might be aware of. Do a quick search of green stores like this one, and you’ll likely find a design style that perfectly suits your event’s needs.

However, you decide to increase the “greenness” of your next event, keep in mind the many benefits that doing so can offer both our planet and your consciousness. Whether it’s incorporating recycling or changing the supplies and décor you purchase, these small efforts towards greenness can be a appreciable example to your guests and employees and help make the changes we need to help our planet.

Sapphire limousine services Responsibility and Sustainability

Environmental consciousness. It’s the new rule by which the chauffeured ground transportation industry is being asked to play, and we’re already ahead of the game.

Sapphire limousines have a long-standing dedication to sustainable development through environmental protection, social responsibility and economic progress. To us, that means meeting the needs of society today, while keep in mind the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

True sustainability, as we see it, has nothing to do with adopting superficial changes while continuing on with “business as usual.” Nor does it mean making changes that will undercut business viability.

At Sapphire limousines,we are committed to environmental sustainability and the development of new technologies and services. The challenges we face remain complex when it comes to fulfilling the promise of environmentally-sustainable profitability. But we know that there are hard and tangible business benefits to be gained by embracing environmental imperatives. Environmental sustainability will therefore continue to be an increasingly important area of our business strategy and an essential component of on-going conversations we have with both the industry and our clients. It will continue to be a major factor fueling Sapphire Limousine’s innovation engine as we explore new ideas and opportunities to address environmental concerns while solving business problems.

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